Mid Back Pain Right Side

In the model time, if we DO NOT pay attention we will face a problem even they come from very small thing, these lead to body pain. Especially, today people have to work a lot and seat a lot in the whole day in office and of course back pain will say hello with us if we don't take care ourself. This article will explain about mid back pain right side to you, some solutions to treat and reduce this problem as minimum as possible.

Middle Back Pain Right Side- Should You Worry?

The Problem of Backache

Backaches can be quite disturbing and frustrating. Many people suffering from the pain in their back couldn’t stop whining. But it's not because they are weak and can’t handle it but because the pain in the back can be torturous sometimes and almost impossible to bear. Unless this pain that can be of different levels from mild to excruciating isn’t treated in the best way, it will keep bugging you through the rest of your life.

Nature of Backache

The nature of pain experienced is varied from person to person. You might be encountering a chronic pain while someone else around you has pain that has a sudden onset. It can sometimes be a constantly bothersome ache that doesn’t want to go away or it can be a pain that ceases for a time period and then begins when you are hanging out with your friends or family. The ache may be dull, almost bearable or a serious burning sensation if you are running out of luck.

Types of Backache:

Depending upon the area of the back where the pain occurs, there are three main types of back pain.

1. Lower Back Pain

Sometimes even a simple, short distance walk seems like a very hard task if severe lower back pain runs down one or both legs as well. Lower backaches are the most common type of ache. People suffering from such aches may even have swollen or numb feet occasionally. The pain can be relieved through good medical advice and suitable medication.

2. Upper Back Pain

Not majority of the population has to deal with upper back pain since it isn’t as common as lower or mid back pain. Regular deep tissue massages, spine manipulation by a physiotherapist and light shoulder exercises can help you to a great extent in escaping the pain. Read more info about upper back pain here

3. Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is the second most common type of pain that leaves the sufferer miserable. Most of the times the doctor suggested medicine will dull the pain for short interval of time. But knowing the real cause of this pain and treating it is necessary if you want permanent relief from it. In the next section, we are going to enlighten you about mid back pain that occurs on the right side and its symptoms, causes and treatment.

Mid Back Pain Right Side

Like we stated in the above section, middle back pain is a common type of pain. At least once in their lifetime, the majority of the adults have to face a mid back ache. Developing pain in the right side of your mid back is common too. Activities that put a strain on your muscles like assuming the wrong posture while standing or sitting, lifting some heavy object incorrectly, bending down awkwardly etc, can trigger such pain.

Apart from muscle strain, right side back pain can also be the reason of some serious medical condition. That is why neglecting this ache is never a wise decision. Finding the causes and recognizing whether or not the pain is caused by some serious medical emergency is a must-to-do job. A kidney pain is often mistaken for a middle back pain right side and for some people; it is hard to distinguish one from another. But kidney pain occurs in a higher region and is usually deeper.

a) Mid Back Pain Right Side - Acute or Chronic

There are two major possibilities when it comes to the duration and magnitude of the pain. Acute pain is sharp and extreme. It affects you when you least expect it and makes sitting and walking or performing other physical activities quite painful. Chronic back pain doesn’t go away easily. It is dull but persistent and over time it has serious effects on a person’s life.

b) Symptoms of Mid Back Pain:

Several reasons could cause a sharp or mild pain on the right side of mid back. It might be due to bad habits or some accident or muscle strain. There are various causes of such kind of a pain but the symptoms are similar in most cases.

  • A persistent uncomfortable ache or stiffness in the right side of your mid back.
  • Experiencing a sharp pain in the same region after carrying some heavy item.
  • Chronic ache in the middle of the back after sitting and standing with the same posture for extended periods.
  • Inability to stand straight.

The Mid Back Pain Right Side- What could be the possible reasons and diagnostic symptoms?

1. Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections that are quite common in people can be a major cause of pain on the right side of the back even when urinary tract isn’t a part of the back. The urinary tract is responsible for eliminating toxins and urine from the body. If germs get into the system, they cause an infection. Other symptoms of such infection aside from back pain include:-

  • Burning during urination
  • Urge to urinate is increased
  • Fatigue

2. Lumbar Strain

An extreme mid back pain occurs on the right side of the body if the lumbar muscle is strained. The reason for strained lumbar muscle can be a sudden movement by you that triggers a spasm in your muscle. If you have a job that involves lifting heavy objects on daily basis you may suffer from it too. The pain experienced can increase gradually or can be sudden and sharp. Other symptoms of lumbar muscle strain are:

  • Bruising or swelling
  • Reduction in range of motion while bending forward or sideways

3. Herniated Disc

A series of small bones around the spinal cord are present for its protection and there is a disc of cartilage tissue between each. The cartilage tissues are responsible for adding flexibility and range of motion. Another purpose of this tissue is shock absorption.

Herniated disc or slip disc is defined as a problematic condition that occurs when tissue protrudes through a weak spot. A pressure is created on the spinal nerves because of this and it leads to severe pain in the right side of the mid back.

4. Improper Posture

A bad posture is another reason for the excruciating pain in your mid back. Prolonged sitting on a desk at the office with your shoulders hunched forward or sleeping incorrectly with curved back and knees close to your chest are the examples of bad posture. A muscle soreness is generally experienced too along with pain. For relieving the pressure on your spine, you should adopt a straight posture.

5. Gallbladder Problems

The pain in the right side of the mid back can also be triggered by inflammation of the gallbladder or gallstones. Such pain can even extend upward into your shoulder and raise the discomfort. Proper medical treatment is necessary if the pain is due to gallstones because they pose a serious threat to your health. You must be well-aware of the symptoms associated with the condition. The pain in the back is accompanied by:

  • Nausea
  • Stomachache
  • Vomiting

6. Appendicitis

An immense, almost unendurable pain can be caused on the right side of your mid back due to appendicitis. If the reason for the intense pain in your back is appendicitis, you must immediately seek medical attention. If not treated in time, this condition can lead to internal poisoning and in extreme cases even a death. Other symptoms apart from a backache are:-

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever

How To Treat the Pain at Home

1. Exercising

When it comes to searching the remedies for back pain, most of the doctors and therapists suggest exercising. It is considered to be one of the best solutions. To alleviate the back pain, one must make exercise the part of their routine. If not, make sure to use the exercises for strengthening the muscles in your shoulders, back, and stomach from time to time. This healthy activity won’t just ease the pain and help to recover but also assists in improving your posture.

2. Proper Posture- A necessity

While sitting or standing, your back should be straight. It is necessary for maintaining a correct posture and avoiding serious and severe pain on the right side of the mid back. People spending half of their day in offices at their desks should be careful about their posture too and avoid slouching and slumping at all costs.

3. Resting

If you are in pain and are unable to continue the task you are performing, take a break, get some rest and then resume your activities. Sit down on a comfortable chair with a correct posture or lie down for a little while with your back flat against the comfy mattress. This will definitely help you to some extent in reducing the pain for a short period of time.

4. Stress Management

Stress reduction is also related to pain and discomfort reduction in the spine. Practicing relaxation exercises and breathing deeply to lessen the mind and body stress is also another way to diminish the pain in your back.

5. Heating Pad or Ice Pad

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Using a heating pad on the right side of mid back always proves to be beneficial as heat eliminates the stiffness and tension in the muscles which in turn cause a prominent decrease in the level of pain. An ice pad, when placed on the painful area, serves as a pain reliever and also reduces swelling.

6. OTC Medications

To get rid of the mid back pain on the right side, over the counter medicines can help to a great extent. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin, Motrin and Aleve etc will not only help in lessening the pain but also reduce the swelling that sometimes occurs in the respective area.

When to Visit the Doctor Immediately?

Sometimes the ache on the right side of the mid back could be hinting some serious medical emergency. If there are other symptoms accompanying the pain, you should carefully observe them and if they are related to some major medical condition, immediately visit a doctor.

  • One of the common medical conditions accompanied with the mid back pain is a herniated disk. If your back pain spreads down to your legs, you should seek immediate medical attention because there is a high chance that you are suffering from the pain associated with herniated disk.
  • Numb or tingling legs are another indicator that something serious must be going on. Tingling legs or the numbing sensation is a sign that your nerves are affected and that you should visit a doctor.
  • Along with the ache in the mid back, if you are experiencing fever or severe pain in your abdomen, it could be a simple infection or a serious medical condition that requires surgery like appendicitis.
  • If the reason behind the pain is a back injury due to falling or tripping.
  • Losing weight rapidly and not being able to figure out the actual cause is another reason for you to make a trip to the hospital for the treatment. It could be a sign of cancer.
  • If one particular spot on your mid back continues to ache even after resting or swallowing pain relievers, you might have tumor within the bone.
  • Even after a month or two of using over the counter medicines, exercising and resting properly, if the pain on the right side of your mid back doesn’t leave you alone, it is advisable to turn to seek medical attention.


Most people when experience mid back pain on their right side, they sometimes neglect it until it’s severe enough that carrying out daily life activities almost become impossible for them. This pain can be chronic or acute. The reason behind this sharp or a mild backache can be many ranging from ones that can be easily treated at home like stiff muscles, improper posture etc to the ones that indicate some serious medical emergency.

Observing other symptoms along with pain will help you in diagnosing whether you can relieve this pain by sitting at home or do you have to make a quick trip to the hospital for doctor’s advice. Exercising and resting most of the times is enough to reduce the pain for shorter periods. But for getting long-lasting results, both symptoms and the actual cause of the pain should be eliminated.

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