How Much Is A Massage Chair?


Life’s stress can overwhelm us and the people around us. It is not possible to escape stressful moments in life. It is important to find ways of dealing with the situations that can affect us emotionally. Although eating and exercising are likely to help avoid issues to do with stress, they are not enough.

The reality of life has made many people from different parts of the nation and entire world to turn to massage. A discussion about perfect massage will not be complete until we mention the chairs. The chair you are going to buy is very important.So, the big question should come to you once you have plan in your mind even buy full body massage chair or zero gravity massage chair is How much is a massage chair?

A massage chair is not just like any other chair you are likely to find at the local market or store. Massage chairs have been designed with special features to ensure that they help you deal with pain and aches as mid back pain right side, among other complications brought about by life.

There are different brands of massage chairs on the market. Determining how much does a massage chair cost is one of the things you should do before hitting any of the online stores to look.

Knowing the price will allow you to organize your finances in good time so that you can buy a quality product. Do not just buy any chair you come across because it looks cheaper than you thought. You have to compare different features of the chair before making your final decision.

How much is a good massage chair?​

how much money for massage chair

How much does a good massage chair cost? On average, a high quality massage chair should cost around $ 2,500. This means that any chair costing less than this amount is not likely to offer you with the kind of services you expect from the same at the end of the day.

It does not make sense to spend less on a chair only to realize you bought something low quality. Instead, take your time to select a chair that you will never regret buying. This does not imply that there are no cheap chairs.Check out top 5 best full body massage chairs in different range cost.

We have chairs costing from as low as $ 200 while the high end ones can be bought at $ 8000. One of the things you should ask yourself before selecting any of these chairs is whether you will get the value of your money in the long run. A chair that will not benefit you as expected is not worth buying. Here is an overview of massage chair price and what to expect from the chairs.

Massage chairs under $ 500

These massage chairs are among the most sought after by middle and average income earners. Usually a small number of their vibration motors offer users with massage power. They are considered ideal for light massage.

If you want to enjoy light massage without paying through your nose you can bank on these massage chairs. The chairs do not offer heated massage and they do not massage any other area than your back. In addition, they come with simple handheld controls thus making them ideal for novices.

Massage chairs around $2500

A massage chair costing around $ 2500 has different features that make it to stand out from cheaper models. They boasts of a combination of airbags, motors and rollers among other features. The wide range of features provided by the manufacturer of the chair allows them to offer broad massage movements to the users.

These chairs usually recline into zero gravity position. This reclining aspect makes them a perfect choice for the spine. Only a few of the models withing this price range has been made to offer users with heated massage. Many people prefer them to cheaper models because they can offer full body massage including your legs among other body parts.

Massage chair costing over $5000

A chair costing over $ 5000 has rollers, motors and airbags for allowing you to enjoy a wide range of movements. The massage offered by the chairs cover different body parts such as arms, neck and legs among others.They can also be used to offer both heated massage as well as zero gravity reclined positioning for massage.

There various brands have individuals features as well as customization that help in enhancing your over relaxation and massage experience . Some of them have computer controlled massage programs that provide users with a great control experience and memory settings that will impress you.

What do you think? Is expensive better? I think you already have some idea in your mind about how much is a massage chair. Well, just like other expensive products, costly massage chairs have more features than cheaper ones. Although it is not mandatory that any expensive massage chair is the best but most of them are worth your money. For instance, when you look at the Full-Body L-Track Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 you will realize that you it offers amazing services than most of the expensive products that you might be tempted to buy.

The chair has a number of features that have made it more popular among many consumers. The internet is also filled with many positive reviews about the chair because of the quality of services realized from the same.

On the other side, you will find products such as Sogno Dreamwave by Inada sold at $8000+ yet it has many features as well as impeccable service delivery. This means that you can get great services from a cheap or expensive chair.Take a look below video to get you some features of Dreamwave by Inada

Before rushing to buy any of the chairs you will find on the market, it is recommended that you read reviews on different sites so that you can make an informed decision. Not all expensive chairs are good and not all cheap chairs offer poor services than high end products.

Final thought​

In conclusion, selecting the best massage chair is not something you should rush into. Price is among the aspects to take into account when buying a chair for massage purposes. There are chairs costing from $ 500 while high end brands go above $8000.

Most of the expensive chairs offer better services than cheaper ones. When looking for the best chair for massage, ensure that you examine the price and compare more than one brand before paying for the same. To find great deals when looking for massage chairs, you can check with online stores such as Amazon and Ebay among others.


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