Best Massage Chair Reviews on the Market

Today, the life of a man is like a never ending competition with time. With our huge pile of responsibilities to fulfill, we always need some spare time to get ourselves relaxed and recharged. A massage is a great way to relax your body. Nowadays, you do not need to visit a spa. Instead of purchasing the best massage chair will relieve all the tension in your muscles.

Importance of Massage

When the hectic, exhausting daily routine drains all your energy, some relaxation or free time is always good for you. A human body cannot go for hours without relaxing. A massage can help you to relax your body event with hands or with massage machines. It reduces the muscular tension and enhances physical mobility. If you are experiencing a back pain, a massage will help you with it too. People suffering from depression or stress are highly inclined to get massages to soothe the anxiety and tension.

A massage at a spa or from some professional massage therapist can be quite expensive. Regular massages can be a burden on your budget. But the purchase of a massage chair will decrease the financial burden of treating your sore muscles regularly. Buying a best massage chair is a one-time investment. The benefits of that chair extend over a long period of time.

Benefits of Massage Chair

In the beginning, the massage chairs have limited features. But now with all the advancements, their functions along with their design have been considerably improved. The best massage chairs can do wonders when you are suffering from back pain, especially middle back pain right side. They provide you many health benefits that easily outweigh their price.

1. Relief from Stress and Tension:

One of the many reasons for massage chairs popularity is their ability to provide relaxation. After a long, stressful day of work, a massage chair can be very helpful in relieving the stress and making you forget about all your work related troubles. People also use massage chairs in their offices. These effective machines also help in reducing anxiety.

2. Ease Sore Muscles:

If you are an athlete or belongs to another profession that involves a lot of working out on regular basis, your muscles always get strained or overworked. The remedy for strained muscles is a massage chair. It eases the sore muscles and makes your body more flexible.

3. Improves Blood Circulation:

A good circulation of blood is required to transport the important nutrients to vital organs and muscles. Having a massage chair at home improves blood circulation. It can be highly effective for people suffering from impaired blood flow as the massage helps in the production of red blood cells by boosting the activity and also dilate the blood vessels and arteries hence, providing correct blood flow. The correct blood flow is essential for quick healing and also reduces swelling in the feet.

4. No More Pain

A massage chair also benefits your skeletal system. Many of us grumble about our painful joints. The best massage chair can also prove beneficial in this regard. Different useful techniques are used by these massage machines to combat different kinds of pain ex. treat pain under rib cage

Things to Consider before Buying a Massage Chair:

Before going to purchase a massage chair, you should ask a few significant questions from yourself. A decision made in haste won’t benefit you in any way. That will recognize some main points which lead to a best massage chair. With our help of massage chair reviews or guideline, it's be easy to you now.

1. Why do you need a massage chair?

First, think carefully about your need that you want to fulfill through the massage chair. Is it because you need to ease the stress? Or due of the constant pain in your back or maybe the whole body you need this. What kind of massage chair you should purchase solely depends on your need.

2. What’s your budget?

How much money you are willing to spend on a massage chair is another major factor that should be given deep thought before making a purchase. If your price range is low, you have to think carefully and buy the machine that caters to your basic needs. If you are intending to pay more, you can buy models with extra appealing features.

3. What are the key features of a massage chair?

When buying a massage chair, you first need to list down your priorities. Decide what the features that are more important for you are. Listed below are the key features that should be taken into account if your intent is to purchase the best massage chair that fulfills your needs.

Durability: The chair should be built well and manufactured from sturdy materials.

Warranty: The warranty that the manufacturer is offering must be checked too. So, that in the case of any damage, you get the machine repaired or exchanged.

Weight Capacity: You should also pay attention to the weight capacity.

Massage Coverage: Whether the chair designed targets only certain areas of your body like shoulders or thighs or is it for the whole body.

Offered Massage Styles: Is it shiatsu, rolling or kneading or a combination of different styles. Some offer just vibrations. They are intended for low budget people. Some chairs are pre-programmed making the massage more enjoyable.

Base on your need, you will decide what kind of massage chair you want like full body massage chair, ZERO gravity massage chair, neck massager, Foot massager​, back support belt, massage Cushion, or Massage Chair Pad,...

Best massage chair

Looking for best full body massage chair? or good massage chair for a particular area in body? These days, a lot of people are getting the health benefits of massage. A good massage can relieve tension and back pain as well as is used to heal injuries and helps with specific healthy conditions. However, a therapeutic massage isn’t always in everyone’s reach. An electronic substitute is now getting popularity known as the massage chair. So, Is it easy to find out what is best massage chair on the market now or there are too much this kind of machine which make you headache?

The first massage chair was introduced in 1980’s. Though, massage chairs were initially slow to catch on, however, with times latest technologies, comforts and other innovations introduced to get the full benefits of massage therapy. A massage chair offers various special massage techniques with its preset programs that will give you lots of mystic benefits.

There are three main mechanical aspects of a massage chair;

(a) Motor: The main and most important part of the massage chair is its motor. The back seat adjustment can be carried out with motor as well as it powers and maneuvers nods and rollers to the required areas.

(b) Nods and Rollers: These come in different sizes and shapes to imitate fingers and hands. Large sizes offer widespread approach at the massage chair, as well as the smaller nods and rollers specified with detailed and specific massage after necessary preset programming.

(c) Computerized adjustment: Massage chairs are intended to adjust automatically for the height, weight, and width of a person by measuring the pressure on the seatback. A control pad provides various options as well.

Any machine also have good things and bad things. Good massage chair is not excluded.


· A massage chair gives you energy to revitalize your capabilities

· It relieves from muscle tension and pain

· Increases the blood circulation

· Gives relief from emotional stress by reducing headache and migraine

· It corrects your posture by flexing and activating your stiff muscles

· Maintains equilibrium in blood

· Lowers lactic acid


· A massage chair costs pretty high

· Weighs too much and not easily maneuverable

· Not as effective as a licensed masseuse

· Not convenient for more than maximum user weight

Best neck massager

A large number of people who spend their time in front of the computer screen, sleep incorrectly, or doing some excessive file work, suffer from neck pains. These pains sometimes get chronic and people suffer whole their life. Instead of using pain killers a neck massager could bring you a great comfort. A lot of people find out a best neck massager will be a good solution for their current state.

A neck massager is a gadget used to relieve from neck aches. A neck massager is so convenient that you can use it anytime anywhere and get relief from severe neck pain and stress.

There are various types of neck massagers available in consumer market and you can choose one as per requirement. Here are few types:

(1) Handheld: This type of neck massager is the smallest one and could be held with one hand. It’s convenient to move anywhere and easy to use. A handheld neck massager come with manual handling as well as many come with a battery and will start vibrating when you’ll place them on your neck or shoulder.

(2) Neck & Shoulder: These massagers are made of solid material and covered with soft cloth and foam. These are battery operated massagers that manipulate, vibrate and in some models produce heat to give you maximum relief. Wrap up this massager around the back of your neck and it will go over your shoulders.

(3) Pillow: These U-shaped or a traditional pillow type neck massagers will provide you extended comfort while lying on your bed while placing it back of your neck.

(4) All-in-one: This type comes with lots of options along with neck massaging. As the name shows, it comes with various attachments to provide different degrees of pressure using different techniques.

Depend on your healthy, your current state and Pros and Cons of a best neck massager, you should be clear in your mind about what you should investigate.​


· Extremely convenient and anyone can use anywhere anytime

· Aside from neck pains, it relieves from headache, shoulder pain, and backache

· Expands muscles and energizes body over a short course of time

· Costs pretty less than a massage chair

· No need to depend on someone else, if you’re looking to relive pain in hard to reach areas

· Ease of use and highly portable


· Some neck massagers are a bit noisy

· If you require a very deep massage, a neck massager may not work appropriately

Best Foot Massager

Trying to looking for a best foot massager? As you may be know that Foot massaging is dated back to ancient Egypt and Chine since over the 5000 years. In late 1800’s, Europeans introduced Reflexology in which pressure applied on someone’s feet in particular areas to rid of stress, pain, anxiety, and boosting general health.

If you have to stand longer hours or walk around, you feet will tend to swell, itching, and whole body aching. A foot massager is now talking place of this powerful feet reflexology. A best foot massager gets the blood flowing using vibration, kneading feet and calving with a shiatsu-type massage.

Ø Foot massager types:

Nowadays, market is full of products in every area and foot massagers have no exception. However, there are 5 categories we are describing, foot massagers are prepared:

(a) Manual foot massagers: This type of foot massager has ball you’ll role your feet over. Some massagers come with multiple rollers to cover the entire foot that’s more suitable. This type needs no power, so not expensive.

(b) Electric foot massagers: This type powered by electricity that vibrates and produces oscillation or rotates the rollers. This type has some extra features like producing heat offering more relaxation.

(c) Shiatsu foot massagers: As the name shows, it’s a Japanese reflexology method using rotating heads, heating element, and vibrators.

(d) Infrared foot massagers: Using infrared rays to produce heat for foot reflexology.

(e) Water massagers: In this type heated water is used for foot massaging along with vibrator, light, bubbles and knead

With a good foot massager, you can get your entire body relaxed; here are some health benefits:


· Easy feeling, relive anxiety, deep relaxation

· Improve circulation in the lower extremities, especially for those who are suffering from diabetes

· It helps with joint pain and aids recovery after injury and reduces muscle itching

· A foot massager can reduce anxiety in cancer patients

· Helps with headache and migraine

· Good for high blood pressure sufferers. It lowers the blood pressure

· Relaxes flat feet and plantar fascia inflammation

· During pregnancy edema in third trimester cause stress to women. A foot massager will reduce the effects of edema


· Some people may have sensitive feet, so the foot massager can cause irritation

Best back support belt

Have you ever hear about the benefits of a best back support belt? The main purpose of a back support belt is supporting and augmenting back posture. Three types of people are affected with back pain. Office workers sitting in front of a computer or a pile of files for longer hours, persons have job of lifting heavy items, and the pregnant women.

A back support belt will definitely protect your back from any injury or stress while keeping your posture at right angle. These bands are worn around the middle and lower back to support back and abdominal muscles and reduce direct force when you’re pushing, pulling, lifting some heavy items or you have a job of prolonged sitting.

best back support belt

Types of back support belt

There are two major categories in back support belts.

(a) Lumber support belt: This type of best back support belt is wrapped up around your lower back or lumber area. These types of belts are normally useful for the persons who life heavy items or sit longer hours with their office or computer work in routine. Some innovative models come with adjustable straps that could be adjusted as per requirement.

(b) Full back support belt: These belts cover the whole back of a person from waist up to should. This type is normally used to correct someone’s posture or it’s best to recover from back injury.


· Provide supplementary posture support and back firmness

· The belt helps providing added support to someone with a torn muscle or other back injury

· Prevent abdominal injuries while lifting heavy items

· Lower back support belts are good for expecting mother to ease their discomfort due to pregnancy

· Helps healing injuries like fact syndrome, slipped discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc ailment

· Back support belts are not only used for heavy lifting. If you want to lose your belly fat, a back support belt will become quite handy when walking


· There is no scientific proof that back support belts work

· People wearing back support belts may try to lift more weight than they would have without a belt. A forged sense of security may subject a person to greater risk of injury

Best Massage Cushion

About best massage cushion, how can they help us? Though the massage chairs are a great way to relieve anxiety, stress, backache and many other body pains, but due to their heavy costs, these are not in everyone’s reach. A massage cushion could be a great alternative. Moreover, a massage cushion is more convenient, portable, versatile, and easy to use. You can keep a massage cushion at work area, home or on a car seat.

There are lots of massage cushions available in the market with innovative designs and features for different purposes to ease your different parts of body. Depend on your purpose, select and choose a best massager cushion which suitable to you as below:

best massage cushion

Ø Massage cushions for neck & shoulder: This type is equipped with two rollers and four massage parts on the neck and shoulders providing more intensity and extensive massage.

Ø Massage cushions for back: This massage cushion provides ultimate relaxation from stress and back pain with the help of its four mechanical rollers and 8 head massage using kneading technique and building acupressure massage therapy.

Ø Massage cushion for lower body: If you have a job of extended hours sitting on a computer and it’s causing backache, this type with integrated motor movement will relieve you from this stinky backache.

Ø Massage Cushion with Infrared Technology: These cushions include 6 rollers and 12 infrared light points that offer massage therapy by changing temperature via short wavelength infrared rays. With the help of infrared technology it reaches deep inside to release stress underlying muscles and tissues.

What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of a good massage cushion? Have a look:​


· Help treating spondylosis effectively

· Reduce pressure on the disc, ligaments and spinal cord while stimulating acupuncture massage

· Prevent and cure chronic back pain in the elderly

· Reduces severe back pain

· Treats abnormal conditions of blood vessels


· In some cases the neck rollers are too low for taller persons that they cannot receive a good neck massage

· Some customers complain that their massage cushion are a bit noisy when used in a confined place like a car

Best Massage Chair Pad

best massage chair pad

Have you ever using a best masage chair pad in sometime? A massage chair pad is the best substitute to a massage chair who doesn’t have enough bucks in their pockets to enjoy the comforts of a massage chair. Although a massage chair pad has limited features when comparing to a massage chair like a full body massage, reclining etc but in the other hand you’re saving a fortune when buying a massage chair pad.

Massage chair pads come with variety of features like different massage modes, intensity levels, remote controls, and auto ON/OFF timers. Also come with main adapter as well as car adapters for convenience to use anywhere. It provides immense comfort while penetrating heat to lumber areas.

Take have a look of points of a best massage chair pad which you may be use in future:​


· Great relief from back, shoulders, and neck pain

· Affordable than a massage chair

· You can move the pad to your favorite chair, couch or car seat conveniently

· Easy to install and strapped, so highly portable

· Some models offer rolling massage, shiatsu with kneading technology, auto shut-off etc

· Low cost on their maintenance


· Cannot provide a full-body massage like a massage chair

· Most models are not convenient to tall or short height people


After spending half of your day at the office, the idea of going home and enjoying a massage that cures the exhaustion and makes you feel relaxed sounds really appealing. If you have a massage chair at your home, that idea can easily turn into reality. If you are short budgeted, even though, you can enjoy great massage options by paying less money by purchasing alternative products other than a massage chair like a best massage pad, best massage cushion, best neck massager, best foot massager, or a best back support belt according to your need and budget.